Kafue National Park
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We do, whenever possible, recruit staff from the surrounding villages which are just outside the Park.  

We take in newly qualified hotel & catering students for “work experience” in the safari camp.  They learn the differences to hotel work, so make informed decisions about their futures – whether to work in a town hotel, lodge or camp.   

We ocassionally invite local children for one or two nights stay to introduce them into the world of wildlife, which many have never seen.  Most of these projects take place during the green season.  

In 2011 we started a small fundraising charity to assist the families of staff and villagers when unfortunate situations arise.    Recently, with funding from a group of regular guests, this fund facilitated a wheelchair for a young, chronically sick teenager in the village.

In February 2016, Mayukuyuku Director Pippa Turner, sponsored the installation of a bore hole at the local village, so that the villagers can
have clean drinking water.

“Dear madam,
As the village of the Chibwantu, we want to say thank for all your help you have shown to our village and to everyone who will drink from this borehole.
May God Bless you and keep it up with your good works and we will die to remember of your lovely care you have shown to us.
God reward your work mightly.
Head Man,
Muchebo Teddy”