Kafue National Park
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When to come

  • Jan, Feb, March: green season, showers, warm 20° to 25° Good for all species especially Wild Dog. January: Pels Fishing Owl, March: Sable. Will need light raincoat, closed boots. Fishing “catch & release” in Jan & February. Excellent birding.
  • April & May: 23° to 27° Good for all species, especially Sable. Warm weather clothes, plus a fleece in May. June, July, August: Winter, cool and dry 14° to 20°. Good for all species. Otters. Ski Jacket, woolly hat, gloves on game drives, Excellent light for photography.
  • Sept, Oct: hot months 25° to 35°. Good for all species including Wild Dog. Not good for Sable till late Oct. Summer clothing. Wildlife comes to the river.
  • Nov – Dec: short showers 20° to 35°. Good for all species, Sable, Wild Dog. Excellent birding and walking. Light raincoat, closed boots. Excellent for photography – landscape very green. Baby animals. December: good fishing, catch & release only.