The Kafue National Park is one of Africa’s finest game reserves,
and Mayukuyuku Camp is perfectly positioned on the banks of the great Kafue River, to enjoy it’s pristine wildness!

Welcome to Paradise!

This expansive reserve is renowned for its vast range of landscapes, fauna, and avian species, possibly ranking second only to the Serengeti in terms of diversity. Despite its relative obscurity, the park remains largely uncharted. In addition to the four prominent members of the Big Five, it also houses Cheetah, Wild Dog, and an impressive array of over 450 bird species.

Encountering fellow travelers or encountering motorized vehicles is a rarity in this location, providing a unique sense of embarking on a personal safari. The wildlife here tends to be more elusive compared to more commercialized reserves, heightening the excitement and exclusivity of your animal sightings.

Mayukuyuku is open all year round for camping, or in our luxury Safari Tented Chalets.
With only four chalets, you are assured of excellent personal service from our friendly crew.
Enjoy fantastic game viewing in a relaxed  atmosphere and hearty meals in our dining area overlooking the river.
Activities include Walking trails, Open vehicle game drives, Night drives and Boating excursions on the river offering ample opportunity to explore the area. Or you could simply sit on the banks with your binoculars and see what turns up.
The Campsite is located further down the River and offers great riverside sites for motoring guests to enjoy the park.

Accessible Wilderness

Situated a mere 250 km away from the bustling capital city of Lusaka, The Camp offers a convenient four-hour drive. Our strategic location allows us to cater to the needs of both local and international visitors, regardless of their means of transportation. Throughout the year, we remain open and easily accessible, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

When journeying westward to destinations like the Barotse Plains, Liuwa National Park, or the renowned Kuomboka Ceremony near Mongu, Mayukuyuku serves as an ideal stopover. The Camp is a mere 8 km off the primary road that intersects the Park, offering a convenient break on your route.

Positioned at the southern periphery of the northern sector of the Park, The Camp boasts an enviable location for accessing both the North and South Kafue regions, including noteworthy places such as The Busanga or Nanzhila Plains.