Kafue National Park
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About Us

Kafue Camps & Safaris Ltd. was created in 2006 to meet the safari needs of visitors wishing for an excellent wildlife safari experience whilst also maintaining ethical principles. These ethical principles include both the employment of people from the surrounding areas of The Kafue National Park as well caring for the environment and wildlife in the Park.

We are a majority Zambian owned company, so revenue is ploughed back into the country. Our staff and directors have many years’ experience in the Kafue and in the wildlife safari business.

We aim to empower our employees to reach their full potential and train them to the best International standards, whilst retaining uniquely Zambian feel to your stay. We offer a friendly, professional service with a difference, which we hope you will always remember.

We are proud to have been selected as one of the top 4 lodges in Zambia by a popular Travel Blog.

Pippa Turner, Patrick Moyo, Musonda Mbalazi & team.


Patrick Moyo
MD and Head Guide

Pippa Turner 
Co Director and Marketing

Musonda Chumbu
Co Director

Dominic Mwanza 
Safari Guide



Daniel – Zawa Scout

Harold – Spotter and Trainee Guide

Stan – Plumber, capenter, mechanic, driver, Mr Fixit

Jonathan– Trainee chef

Philip– Chef

Leevan Shabana – Chef




John – Housekeeping

Alex – Receptionist



Dasken – Driver and Mechanic





Cephas – Waiter, Barman

Gilbert Kastom – Driver, Spotter, Boatman


Morgan Mubika – Housekeeping



A little more about our Team

Musonda Mbalazi Chumbu – Director – 50 years of age, 2 grown up children, Musonda Jnr and Mwaka. Engineer. Lives now in the camp, deals with the financial side.

Patrick Moyo – Managing Director, Head Guide and Guiding Examiner for the Kafue. 47 years, 6 Children and one lovely granddaughter. Lives in camp, takes care of the mechanical and technical side of things around the camp including vehicles, water pumps, generators, building work. Pippa says she could not have a better business partner and the most reliable person – probably his former Zawa Training as an instructor – he was part and parcel of the Black Rhino re-introduction into North Luangwa and also the training of the scouts in Luangwa.

Gilbert Kasitomu Mfubisha – 37 years old, Camp builder and spotter on game drives. Gilbert is quiet, shy but a very good spotter. He has great eyesight and also an instinct that “something is happening”. He did this once when he made Boyd change route and found a pride of lions eating a Cheetah – a very sad occasion but that is life in the bush!

Dasken Lishinda – 47 years old. Driver, mechanic, boatman, trainee guide, spotter. Dasken has been in the safari business for many years. He is reliable and a very steady staff member. Always able to mend things and sort out problems with vehicles! He and his family supply all our thatching grass and elephant grass requirements from his village for making our tent roofs, bathrooms etc. – again part of our community involvement which benefits us by buying direct from the village and benefits them by not using a middle man or having to take the grass to Lusaka.

Morgan  – 43 years old Housekeeping – Previously Wilderness Safaris and the most reliable person I know. I don’t need to worry with anything in housekeeping as Morgan and John have everything under control. Their laundry is perfection, cleaning is meticulous, It is a wonderful feeling to know as a Manager / Director that such an important department can stand on their own feet. This is what I started the business for – to make sure these great Zambians could run their own business if need be or they choose to in the future.

Douglas  – 20 years – Grade 12 – waiter. Douglas is progressing well and has taken an interest in cooking as well as waiting with my encouragement as good chefs are few in Zambia with a special lack of training in desserts and starters. Douglas is meticulous when cleaning the kitchen, dining room, lounge and always brings me a cuppa early morning! He is extremely enthusiastic to learn. A little more confidence needed but being so young this will come with time. His attention to detail puts us all to shame! This in itself makes him a really valuable staff member.

John Kasanga – 43 years old, 5 children and achieved grade 9 at school. Housekeeping, Mechanics and covers at the campsite. He has his house, 2 goats and 10 chickens. John has been with us for about three years. Again, a great addition to the team. Reliable to perfection – he is responsible for the water pump and generator as well as housekeeping and covering the campsite when Pizzo is out on off days. John has huge potential and I hope to be able to keep taking him forward for many years to come. Excellent on the boat as well.

Alex Chola – was raised by his grandmother having lost both his parents at a young age. He has been with us for 2 years. He says “I have experienced a lot of things at Mayukuyuku and  am now doing good in computers because of your help. My ambition is to become an mechanical engineer from my childhood till today but I need to go back to school to do better in some of the subjects like Math and Science. “

Dominic Mwanza:- Safari Guide who trained in Lower Zambezi.  He is 48 years old and was born in Pembamoyo Village, Chadieke District.  Dominic is married with 5 children of his own and 3 of extended family.  The family grow maize.

Philip Mulimba:- Head Chef aged 53 and the second generation chef of this family I have the pleasure to work with!  Philip has a wide knowledge of all catering and is a brilliant chef serving wonderful meals and “to die for” profiteroles.  He was born not far from the park gates in Kahala Village, nr Kaoma – he has 7 children including:

Jonathan Mulimba:- Trainee Chef so our third generation of the Mulimba family.  His late namesake grandfather used to be Head Chef at Lufupa for many years when I worked there.  Jonathan Jnr. is 21 and is married with one child.  He also comes from the same area and was born in Kaoma and grows tobacco when not in camp.