The Tented Camp

Nestled amidst the gently scattered woodland and along the banks of the Kafue River, Mayukuyuku (derived from the meaning “water hitting rocks”) finds its serene abode.

Positioned just downstream of several small rapids, our camp bears a name that reflects this natural feature. The camp itself is oriented towards an island, affording captivating vistas in multiple directions. This advantageous vantage point often leads to remarkable wildlife sightings even from within the camp.


In this cozy and intimate camp, we offer a total of four luxurious en-suite tents, each adorned with thatched roofs and accompanied by private verandas and hammocks. From every tent, a picturesque view of the river unfolds.

To enhance your waking experience, a steaming cup of tea or coffee is personally delivered to your tent at your preferred wake-up time, allowing you to savor it on your veranda in tranquility.

Our interconnected bathrooms offer an enchanting experience under the starry night sky, complete with invigorating hot showers and modern flushing toilets.

The construction of our structures primarily relies on organic resources sourced from outside the park boundaries, resulting in a genuinely rustic and nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of classic safaris.

The central communal space features an open-air dining area with unobstructed sides, accompanied by a cozy lounge and a well-stocked bar, ensuring a delightful alfresco dining affair.

Situated strategically, this area provides breathtaking daytime vistas of the flowing Kafue River, often granting glimpses of grazing hippopotamuses or graceful antelopes along its banks.


We highly recommend our comprehensive All-Inclusive package, specifically tailored for our luxury tents, as it ensures that every aspect of your stay is meticulously taken care of. This package minimizes the need for carrying substantial amounts of money, except for a small reserve dedicated to beverages, souvenirs, and optional gratuities.

Alternatively, we also provide the option of Full Board Only, granting you the freedom to organize your activities according to your preferences, whether you choose to plan in advance or make arrangements upon arrival at the camp. We can readily arrange transfers for you, or if you prefer to explore the park at your own pace in your personal vehicle, we can provide maps detailing local routes and loops.

For budget-conscious travelers who may not have their own means of transportation, we extend our assistance by offering collection and drop-off services from the nearest bus stop. Furthermore, for camping enthusiasts, we offer remarkably affordable rates for a splendid riverside camping experience. Our selection of lightweight camping tents, complete with comfortable mattresses, is available for hire, catering to those who may not possess their own camping equipment.