The Campsite

For travelers arriving by car or backpacking adventurers, we offer a charming and shaded campsite situated on the opposite bank of a small, arid riverbed. Each pitch boasts either a captivating view of the nearby river or the surrounding bush.

At present, we have six pitches available, accompanied by conveniently located shared bathrooms that provide an open-air experience beneath the starry skies.

To enhance your camping experience, we provide complimentary firewood, and a dedicated staff member is always on hand to offer assistance and guidance.

For those who do not possess their own tents, we offer tent rentals upon request, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the campsite to the fullest.

The campsite has a maximum capacity of approximately 25 guests, providing ample space for a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

Meals can be arranged and reserved at the main camp, allowing you to savor delicious dining options during your time at the campsite.